Don’t do it because I tell you to, do it because you have a BURNING DESIRE to


“I beg your pardon?”
“24.7%.”  The answer remained the same
As my body fat printout was handed to me, my life went into slow motion.  I thought toy teach myself, a quarter of me is fat?!  Wait a minute, isn’t the human body 75% water?  Was I nothing more than a water and fat receptacle?  “Maaaaaan, I guess I’m not having the Denny’s Grand Slam tonight…”


It’s hard to believe this moment was the turning point of my life, but it’s true.  In 2004, after I finished my graduate studies and had gone back home, I went to the new gym in town for a look around.  I didn’t think anything would come of it.  I had been in a gym only a handful of times in my life at that point.  Other than playing tennis once a week, I didn’t really do any physical activity.  I had just turned 23 years old.

I went in and saw all the shiny new machines, the neat rows of treadmills, and the beautiful TVs hung everywhere.  Nice.  I take a bodyfat test and think I’m gonna ace it.  I’m a nerd, I ace everything.  “24.7%.”  Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuudge…..

In all honesty, 24.7% is at worst, below average, maybe somewhat bad, but not terrible.  Except I was only 135lbs. at the time (61.2kg for the metric crowd).  With the exception of my baby years, I had been skinny all my life.  In undergrad, I weighed 115lbs.  Think Christian Bale in The Machinist thin.  So I was skinny and fat–I was skinny fat.  Ridiculous.  Ridiculous, but at the time time, not at all surprising.

My diet consisted of carbs, sugars, fat, and caffeine.
– Breakfast: sausage and eggs, white toast, and milk
– Snack: French cruller donut, TimBits (donut balls, variety pack), and a double-double coffee
– Lunch: 2 deluxe pizza slices with an upsized Coke
– Snack: Gummy Bears and a Kit Kat bar
– Dinner: meat and vegetables with 2 large bowls of white rice and a can of Coke
– Snack: BBQ potato chips and a can of Coke
Yum.  It’s amazing I wasn’t 300lbs., but my metabolism was a maniac.  But it could only do so much on its own.  I was on the road to Disasterville.  (FYI, super metabolism retires at the age 25 or younger, so be warned if you also brag about having a “fast metabolism.”)

Ordering the rye bread instead of the white bread at Denny’s wouldn’t be a big enough step.  I signed up for the gym ($60/month) and 40 personal training sessions at $80 a pop on the spot.  I was fresh out of university, I made $15/hour at my part-time job, and I had a shopping habit that would make Paris Hilton want to cut up my credit cards.  But in my mind, there was no other option.  I had the burning desire to lose the fat.  I had the burning desire to have the stomach of an Abercrombie model (don’t judge me!).  I had the burning desire to not die before the age of 40.  I had the burning desire to change my life.

No one can force you to sign up for a gym or a fitness class (these aren’t childhood piano lessons; not that I’m bitter ;)).  You have to want it badly enough.  Whether by choice or serendipity, it doesn’t matter, you just have to find your tipping point, that burning desire in your life.

My name is Sam and I welcome you to Tokyo Bootcamp.  You are not alone in your fat loss quest–let’s take the road less traveled, together.  Please join me and the Tokyo Bootcamp family as we guide you to achieve your goals and dreams through our personal stories and fitness expertise.


“7.3%.”  Dreams do come true, so don’t be afraid to dream BIG.

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

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