Friday: Workout and a Lunch Program


It’s the return of the boot camp to Tokyo. We’ve been listening to your emails and comments for the past year, and now, we are ready to unveil the first of hopefully many group fitness programs coming back to the Tokyo area.

The first event of 2013 is in cooperation with Herbalife Japan, a global nutrition and weight management company, which distributes many popular supplements and beauty products around the world. We at Tokyo Bootcamp Personal Training are happy to announce this collaborative event, where we will lead the exercise portion of the event and Herbalife will provide the lunch portion, in the form of their popular “Formula 1” meal replacement shake, as well as lead the nutrition seminar and personal consultations.

You’ve heard this before: your ideal body comes from 20% training and 80% diet/nutrition. Having been a personal trainer in the fitness industry for a while now, it has become apparent that I must play a greater role in my clients’ nutrition regimen, in order to help them fully realize their long-term fitness goals.

So we have created the Tokyo Fit Club:”Working Lunch” program, a sort of meeting ground where clients can talk with each other and those who have experienced the life-changing physical transformations they are looking to achieve. After each workout, clients are encouraged to grab their protein shake and a seat while they listen to an Herbalife expert discuss nutrition and life tips that will make reaching their physical goals more manageable and attainable.

In the event a client wants a more thorough and personal analysis of their own lifestyle and habits, they are welcome to schedule a personal 1-on-1 consultation immediately afterwards.

You get the training, the shake, the nutrition seminar, and personal consultation, and the price for everything is just 1,000 yen!

For more details about the event, including dates, location, schedule, and lunch menu, please click here: 

To RSVP for the event, please email your name to:

Sam Law - Tokyo Personal Trainer

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